Facial fingerprint ID memeber card Access Check in out attendace lcd tft Digital signage

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  • Type: Biometric Time Recording
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Brand Name: KINDLO
  • Model Number: 34535

Facial fingerprint ID memeber card Access Check in out attendace lcd tft Digital signage time recording
facial recognition access door lock face lock fingerprint scanner door lock
Target advertisement
Howfor Face Recognition Target Advertising System
1. Can recognize the age,gender and user identification
2. Adapt to all kinds of environment (both indoor and outdoor)
3. High identification accuracy, identification accuracy within 100000 to more than 90%, the response within 1 s
4. Simple Installation, stable performance
5. Support android (mobile phones, tablet)
6. Support the common USB camera, network camera
7. 1: N face recognition
Our system can quickly recognize the user’s face in front of the camera, recognizing their age, gender,
user identi fication etc , helping to realize advertising,e-commerce,various types of precision personalized
applications. Especially,the gender accuracy can up to 96%.
VIP welcome system
H owfor Face Recognition VIP Welcome System
1.Easy to establish database, can preview the default priority level, support the dynamic data expan ding
2. Identity the age, gender and identification of the visitor
3. Scalable to expand the function of anonymous analysis
4. Support the split screen, touch interaction , mobile phones, pad
5. Can sending the notification of SMS and email .
6. Face register ing, search ing , compar ing , and ded - up function
7. Have the function of background data collection and analysis
8. Excellent capture performance
ID Card reading
Howfor Face Recognition ID Card Reading System
1. Accurate comparison, 99% accuracy
2. Low cost of database construction, high reliability
3.support o ffline c omparison
4. Flexible customized terminal ,support mobile phone, pad ,id card, fingerprint etc with secondary development
5. Support B/S and C/S structure
6. D ata management (the background log,time statistics, comparing the results etc)
Security system
Howfor Face Recognition Security System
1. Support face register ing , face captur ing and face monitoring
2. Real-time warning, can notify to the server, mobile phone with text messages or voice alarm
3. Support mobile phone video to view the scene
4. Easy to build database, high stability
5. Millions of data can be stored for compar ing.
Custom flow System
Howfor Face Recognition Customers flow System
1. VIP Recognition function, can send targeted advertising and custom ized information
2.Repeat customer analysis and statistical function
3. Store customer flow statistics and analysis based on different time range
4.A nalysis function for g ender and age
5. Support function of voice, SMS notification
6. Support the central management of collecting in f ront ground and analyzing in background
7.Finding the habits and preferences of consumer
8.Create new consumption experience
9. O ptimize the store operations and performance
10.Effective monitor KPI report
11.Sending specific custom ize promotional information
12. Sending i nstant information and product information to the customer
13. Sending visiting information of customer to sales,helping the sales improve the service quality


  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 133.0kg (293.21lb.)
  • Package Size: 199cm x 67cm x 56cm (78.35in x 26.38in x 22.05in)

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